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  • We've got a dilemma on our hands
    Faith & Belief

    We've got a dilemma on our hands

    At that moment, she became visibly torn between buying what she really wanted for herself and doing what was important and good for others.

  • Foundation FAQ
    Faith & Belief

    Foundation FAQ

    Who is Foundation for?

  • We are God's Poem
    Faith & Belief

    We are God's Poem

    We are created and crafted to do the things He has called us to do. God’s poem is alive and active, distinct and diverse, purposeful and powerful. This is the Church and this is you and me.

  • New Life
    Faith & Belief

    New Life

    Meet Shelby, a Fiber Artist who created the beautiful fabric we used for our Pentecost stage design. 

  • The Ripple Effect
    Faith & Belief

    The Ripple Effect

    “I believe in God, but I don’t know him. I know I’m a Christian, but I don’t know Christ.”

  • Beloved


    This morning I read Acts 13, a chapter in the impressive saga of Paul's first missionary journey. After a wild time on Cyprus, (striking a sorcerer blind and whatnot) Paul and Barnabas travel to Pisidian Antioch where they find a hearing. The leaders of the synagogue there are receptive and attentive. It appears that their preaching might have great effect.